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Remote Data Backup


Thank you for reading my article. I hope you found it informative and useful. Following are more things to keep in mind and a link to what I believe is one of the best, affordable online backup services available. They've been in business since 1999 and as you can see if you click the link below, are actively protecting many companies' valuable information from loss.

Why Backup?
In a perfect world you’d never have to worry about losing any of the important files on your computer. But in reality the chances of you losing everything on your computer are pretty high. Most people have pictures, tax files, resumes and a host of other important files on their computer but have never made a backup copy. Even many businesses are guilty of this oversight.

The Following Could happen To Your Computer System:
Hard disk could crash.
Computer processor could develop serious faults.
There could be a serious virus attack.
Accidents such as a burst in the water pipe, or a storm which could lead to water flooding destroying computer systems.
Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricane e.t.c.
Human mistake, such as spilling tea or water over a computer system, accidental formatting of the hard drive, accidental data change e.t.c.
Theft of the computer system.
Software could become corrupt.

Any of these occurrences could wipe out everything tomorrow, so why haven’t you backed up your data yet? It's important to understand that electronic data is very sensitive. Once the original copy is erased, you'll find it very difficult to try to restore it completely. So as always, remember that the best and most cost-effective way to protect your computer is by prevention.

Backing it up
If there's one mantra you should live by as a computer user, it's backup, backup, backup. A backup is merely a copy so you have something to use in case something goes wrong with the original file. The principle here is simple: if you have a backup,you have a solution.

I would whole heartedly recommend online data backup to any computer owner or business to have, as the cost of implementing this solution is extremely small compared the cost, financial or emotional of losing your data and possibly of your business.

Online Data Backup:
Online backup operates in the same way as traditional backup methods, in that they store a second copy of important data. But the similarities end there; remote online backup has become the backup method of choice because it is more secure, practical, and cost-efficient.

Online Data Backup is Secure:
Manual data backup systems are susceptible to the same problems as listed above that can affect your computer, especially if stored on site. State-of-the-art technology is utilized to keep your data completely secure. Data is transmitted using bank-level 128-Bit AES Encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technologies. Data is stored in encrypted format at two mirrored, Telco-class data centers with redundant bandwidth and multiple providers. No one can access your data without your Personal Encryption Key, not even the service.

Online Data Backup is Practical:
I don't know about you, but before I recently thought about backing up my computer data, the last time I actually did it was back in the 80's -- as in, my last backup is still on the floppy disk! Automation of the backups is very practical for a lazy or forgetful computer user like me. An easy, automated system ensures that it's done in a timely fashion. After following easy, step-by-step instructions, it will at regular intervals that you select, back up all of your critical computer data, encrypt this data and then transfer it via the internet to the Data Centers. Once the data back up has been completed the software will send an e-mail to you to say the process has been successfully completed. If you need to retrieve your data at any point for any reason it can downloaded from the Data Centre and re-installed to your system.

Online Data Backup is Cost-Efficient:
First of all, it is available for a 30-day risk free, (no credit card required) trial. What could be more cost-effective than that, especially if something happens during the trial!? Plans are available to fit your needs and they help you determine what they are. Pricing ranges from $9.95/month to $99.95/month.

Capacity for Remote Data Backup plans is based on the total size of files you have currently selected for backup. All the file versions you have archived at our data centers (up to 10 versions or last 90 days) are not counted against your total.

To see how easy it is to protect your information whether it is personal photography or your business data and have the peace of mind that no matter what happens, your data is safe and secure, get a free trial at Online remote data backup. Once you try this service, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

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